Planning Board

The Planning Board meets on the first Tuesday of every month to approve or deny building permits.
A building permit is necessary for any structure 100 square feet or larger or any structure used for habitation.  These permits should be delivered to the Town Office no later than the Friday before the Planning Board is to meet. 
Fees for building permits are as follows:
Residential/Commercial/Industrial Buildings:  $20.00
Subdivisions:  $250.00 per lot for first 5 lots, $100.00 each additional lot thereafter.


Planning Board Members

Peter Classen
Term Expires:  2019

Stephen Leackfeldt
Term Expires:  2020

Myron Spaulding
Term Expires:  2021

Michael Meserve
Term Expires:  2022
Bonnie Williams
Term Expires:  2023

Courtney Williams, Alternate
Rick Meserve, Alternate


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